Child Health Services

Our child health center has specialist care for referred medical and surgical cases in children under the age of 13. The main units of the department are: The Outpatient’s Department (OPD), which is the first point of call for all patients referred to the department. This is also divided into the acute care outpatient department and the specialty clinic. These specialty clinics include; Neurodevelopmental Clinic, Asthma Clinic, Diabetes & Endocrine Clinic, Cardiac Clinic & HIV Clinic, Sickle Cell Clinic and the Neonatal Follow Up Clinic.

The Emergency Room is the ward where very ill children requiring intervention/admission are first stabilized before being admitted to the wards. The Children’s Surgical Ward admits children requiring surgery. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in proximity to the labour ward, is where premature and ill, newborn term babies are admitted. The Pediatric Oncology Unit (POU) comprises an inpatient Paediatric Oncology Ward and an outpatient Pediatric Oncology Day Care Unit. 

The Pediatric Oncology Ward has a bed capacity of 26 and admits 160 – 180 new childhood cancer cases annually. The Oncology Day Care Unit has 8 beds for children coming for outpatient chemotherapy and follow up. This complements the in-patient services for children with cancer from Ghana. The POU also has an outreach nursing team that undertakes home visits for children receiving palliative care to follow up on children who miss treatment appointments. Child Protection Unit at GARH facilitates the management of children with suspected abuse. It provides a child-friendly room for expert assessment.

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