Dietetics Center

The Dietetics Department plays a very integral role in health promotion, disease prevention, disease reversal and or management. It focuses on the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diet-related and nutritional problems, through the provision of sound nutrition education/counseling plus the practical know-how to translate these information into healthy nutritional lifestyle – at both an individual and wider public-health level.

With a highly motivated workforce of able and competent dietitians who are totally committed to professionalism and customer satisfaction, the department offers Medical Nutrition therapies for diverse ill-health  conditions and develop diet plans for individuals, groups and families. 
Our unique and cutting edge dietetic practice, which is purely evidence based has culminated in the reversal of key components of the metabolic syndrome i.e. Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol which hitherto are popularly known to be irreversible but manageable conditions.  
The center is also involved in the clinical training of both postgraduate and undergraduate Dietetics students; professional proficiency and skill development of Intern Dieticians; training and supervision of diet cooks to ensure the appropriate meals are served to inpatients, especially those with diet-related disease conditions; practical training of clients and or their caregivers on the preparation of therapeutic meals and snacks that supports effective management and or reversal of their respective ill-health conditions.


Our Vision

We envision clients that are well-informed on sound and most up-to-date nutrition information, and well-equipped with the practical know-how to use the information to improve on their health, prevent, reverse or effectively manage disease conditions.

Our Mission

To raise and maintain a highly motivated workforce with a deep sense of commitment toward professionalism, customer satisfaction, and competence through continuous training and research.

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