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The FM Department was birthed in 2017 to bridge the primary care gap at the GARH. The Family Medicine Department exists to provide excellent continuing, comprehensive, coordinated and cost-fffective patient-centred health care with an emphasis on Primary Care within the context of the Greater Accra Regional Hospital.

The Department has the following objectives:

  • To function as the undifferentiated (“walk-in”) patient's means of entry into the healthcare system of the Greater Accra Regional Hospital (GARH)/ Teaching Hospital.
  • To provide equitable access to appropriate, timely and high quality primary care
  • To provide timely referral and coordinate multidisciplinary care for the benefit of the patient.
  • To provide Holistic care for specific patient groups e.g. adolescents and patients with palliative care needs
  • To Integrate Telemedicine into the Healthcare continuum in order to expand the catchment area of GARH.
  • To become an accredited Centre for Training Family Physicians
The Department currently provide the following services:


OPD – Outpatient clinics for walk-in non emergent clients.
Day Time
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 8:00pm
Saturday 8:00am - 2:00pm

Corporate Primary Care Unit – Provide comprehensive fast track services to corporate clients.

Day Time
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

Telemedicine Services – Provides 24/7 Telemedicine services; Teleconsultation, Telemonitoring and call centre services.

Day Time
All Day 24 / 7

Adolescent Care Clinic – Mon & Thur 8:00 am to 2:00pm

Wellness Services – You can walk in and have a wellness check-up.


This is a unit under the Family Medicine Department of the Greater Accra Regional Hospital.
It has been in existence for 2 years, providing comprehensive, coordinated, and continuous care to adolescents 13 to 21years seeking primary care.
It is strategically situated to provide multi-disciplinary care for conditions seen uniquely among adolescents.
It is a primary care specifically tailored to adolescents (13 to 21years)
The goal of ACC is to improve the health of adolescents through comprehensive, continuous, coordinated, and preventive care.


Specialists (Palliative Care)- provide Palliative Care to both inpatient and outpatient clients.

The team has so far developed referral forms and guidelines and clerking sheets to be uploaded to Health Pro and is working on a work schedule, Standard Operating Procedures, and protocols for the unit. Due to staff constraints, the Specialist Palliative Care Team will be limited to inpatient consultations, outpatient clinics, and home visits.

Patients requiring admission will be managed jointly with the primary physician and admitted under them until such a time that the unit has its own ward and is fully staffed to provide round-the-clock service.

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