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Strategic Objectives, Visions And Mission

Our vision is to provide excellent Clinical, Teaching and Research services towards quality healthcare delivery. Our Mission aims to provide excellent clinical, teaching and research services through good Governance and Management Systems; prudent Public Financial Management; Human Resource Management; and Enterprise Resource Planning, while upholding the Core Values of People-centeredness, Innovation, Excellence, Teamwork, Discipline, Integrity and Professionalism in health service delivery for our clients and stakeholders.

Our strategic goals and objectives include delivery of quality health care, teaching and research of modern medicine, governance and management system, financial sustainability, human resource, enterprise resource planning etc.

Our core values as a hospital is committed to delivering quality service in a humane and equitable manner to save human life. The hospital therefore expects its staff to value human life, exhibit high levels of professionalism, uphold the dignity and interest of its patients/clients, adhere to the provisions of the Patients Charter and Ghana Health Service Customer Care and promote the good corporate image of the Hospital and Ghana Health Service.

In doing so, we strive to exceed the expectations of all clients, demonstrating compassion and friendliness in the process of care, ensuring informed and dignified care for all clients and education and empowering clients to be partners in their care. We recognize and value health workforce as the most important resource, recognizing that a capable and motivated workforce is essential for all our clients, giving priority to the well-being of the staff of the Service. We develop and strengthen collaborative relationships with all partners and recognize that the capacity and comparative strength of partners is essential for the success of the Service.

Our main business is to provide quality care to all citizens and therefore performance of all staff must aim at the highest professional standards. We also support the professional and personal growth in the pursuit of our mission.

We seek to communicate openly and honestly in a constructive and a supportive manner, sharing ideas and resources, recognizing that healthcare services rely on teamwork among various health professional groups and that teamwork leads to better results.

We seek to promote and embrace meaningful change, pursuing excellence and striving to foster discipline. We believe that a disciplined workforce can effectively deliver quality health services and we are committed to be guided by the tenets of the Ghana Health Service Codes of Conduct and Ethics.

We believe that integrity is paramount in all the work of the staff. We strive to maintain confidentiality and professionalism, treating others with respect, courtesy and fairness.